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What is DLM (Dynamic Line Management)

DLM (Dynamic Line Management) is a process allowing VDSL2 lines to benefit from higher bit rates (up to 100 Mbps) than expected according to the provisioning rules based on loop length and attenuation, without significantly increasing the risk for transmission errors or instabilities.

What lines can benefit from DLM?

All VDSL2 lines except for those that are configured with ‘high upload’ speed profile.

How to get up to 100 Mbps?

After some monitoring period at the provisioning profile the DLM process will evaluate the line quality, stability and performance. The result of the evaluation could be that the line is expected to be able to support a higher bit rate without giving up on transmission quality and stability. In that case the line will be reconfigured automatically at a higher bit rate (up to 100 Mbps).

The speed profile DLM process may apply depends on the provisioning profile that has been configured to your line. The maximum of 100 Mbps is restricted to the lines located in vectoring zones 1 and 2 (=not farther than 1200 meters from the street cabinet). Learn which speed profile you are eligible for after the DLM process.

Shortly after the line reconfiguration (typically one day) the DLM process will evaluate again the line quality, stability and performance. If the evaluation shows that the line quality, stability and performance are good, the line will remain as it is and a new evaluation will be planned. As long as line quality remains good, the line will not be reconfigured and a new evaluation will be planned. When no configuration changes occur, the delay between two evaluations may increase.

Important: There is no guarantee that the new improved speed once awarded by the DLM process on a VDSL2 line will always remain: if the line spectrum would change, in case for example of cross talk or interferences impacting neighbouring lines, the DLM process could decide to bring the line back to its initial line profile. DLM is a completely automated process on which edpnet has no influence.

DLM doesn’t usually downgrade a line to a profile lower than the provisioning one, but it can sometimes slightly lower downstream and/or upstream bit rate in order to guarantee good transmission quality and stability.

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