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Can I order a DSL subscription without a fixed telephone line

If you are looking for a DSL subscription without a fixed telephone line or you already have DSL and you want to cancel your Classic telephone line or your Discovery line, you can choose following solution:

  • A "raw copper line" is a product that allows you to have an DSL subscription without the necessity to have a fixed telephone line/subscription. In fact, the "raw copper line" will serve as a substitute for this telephone line/subscription.

Internet telephony (VoIP) is possible on this raw copper line

The Raw Copper line is included in your subscription free of charge. You can add the Raw Copper line to your order: indicate that you 'don’t have an active Proximus phone line' and a Raw Copper line will be automatically added to your order. In this way the DSL subscription and the Raw Copper subscription can run simultaneous. Furthermore, edpnet is your single contact point.

If you already have a DSL subscription with edpnet and you want to cancel your Classic telephone line or your Discovery line, you can cancel these lines with Proximus. Afterwards Proximus will automatically activate a Raw Copper line for your DSL subscription.

Attention: Proximus provides the connection of your Raw Copper line to the NTP (= Network Termination Point, the point where Proximus has delivered your line (in the basement, at the front door, in the garage,etc.). You are responsible for your modem, router, splitters,telephones, cabling, faxes, alarm systems, bank terminals, etc. In other words, for everything that comes after the NTP in your house.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to raw copper lines:


  • No filters required.
  • The customer only has one supplier for both the physical line as the data signal: edpnet.
  • DSL problems can't be caused by telephony issues in the local exchange, and vice versa. Because there are less parameters to check, this results in easier troubleshooting in case of problems.
  • Stability:
    Having a raw copper line doesn't necessarily mean that the quality of the signal will drastically improve, but the following risks can be excluded:
    • No interference from the telephone signal (slight improvement of the signal).
    • No risk of broken filters that disturb the signal.
    • No noise pollution caused by any telephones connected to the internal cabling.


A raw copper line can't be moved to a new address (contrary to a telephone line with a telephone number which is linked to the customer, a "raw copper line" is linked to the location/address).

Attention, a Telecom (Test and label) installation is recommended for the Raw Copper line activation.

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