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What is TF2007 and do I need it

TF2007 is a connection box that is required to be installed as NTP (=network termination point, demarcation point) for a VDSL2 line. It looks like this: 

What is TF2007 and do I need it
What is TF2007 and do I need it
a built-up TF 2007 a built-in TF 2007


TF2007 is specially designed to respect the internal cabling rules and, when correctly placed at first introduction point, it ensures the correct functioning of a VDSL2 line. Keep in mind that TF2007 does not garantee the flawless functioning of your connection, but it significantly decreases the risk of performance errors, speed losses, or even a repair profile, with the maximum speed of 9 Mbps down and 0,5 Mbps up, being applied. Having any other NTP than TF2007 installed on a VDSL line may likely result in one of above-mentioned scenarios.

With an ADSL subscription, there are no constraints as to what NTP needs to be placed, but since ADSL is going to be phased out soon, we recommend replacing old connection boxes by TF2007 in order to make a further conversion to VDSL smoother.

In multi-users buildings where a complete RJ45 structured cabling is available from a building distribution frame, the direct use of the RJ45 pluggable filter (VDSL2 compatible) is an alternative for the TF2007.

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