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How can I cancel my subscription at edpnet

Here's how to cancel your subscription.

  1. With Easy Switch, your new operator takes care of the cancellation.
  2. Without a new operator, our cease tool is the easiest option.
  3. You also have the option to cancel in writing:
    • Open a ticket via My edpnet.
    • Send an email from your billing address.
    • Send an email with a signed request attached.
    • Send a registered letter.

Please indicate which services you wish to cancel, from what date, and if there is anything specific we should consider.

Why prefer written communication over the phone?

This helps us avoid any misunderstandings later on.

What is the notice period?

You can cancel at any time.

Do I have to pay a termination fee?

  • During the minimum contract period, you have to pay a termination fee = the remaining amount of your subscription until the end of your contract.
  • You no longer have to pay a termination fee after the automatic renewal into an open-ended contract.

When does your contract end?

  • For immediate termination, on the day of your notification or the next working day.
  • You can also request a specific date.
  • Without a date mention, your contract ends at the end of the last paid period.

The termination date will be confirmed to you by email. You will not be able to choose another date after that.

Here is you’ll find the necessary information:

  • The minimum contract duration is indicated on your order confirmation.
  • The status of your contract is on your invoice.
  • Your Easy Switch ID is also mentioned on your invoice.

Important points of attention!

  • Return your modem within 15 days after termination, otherwise, it will be billed to you.
  • If you have edpnet internet via a Proximus telephone line, you must pay the rental of the Proximus line as long as your internet contract is active with edpnet, even if your telephone contract with Proximus ends earlier.
  • If you cancel internet and telephony at the same time, you will lose your telephone number if you do not transfer it to another operator.

Is it possible to cancel only the telephony?

Yes, you can cancel your telephony subscription while keeping the internet. After a contract duration of one month, you can cancel telephony without charges. Note, the costs will then change from €10.00 (fixed telephony subscription) to €12.50 (copper pair rental) per month (VAT incl.).

Will you still receive invoices after cancellation?

Unless you cancel during the minimum contractual period, you will no longer receive subscription invoices. You may still receive an invoice for early Proximus line cancellation or for usage fees (telephone calls, additional data consumption...).

What to do if you still receive an invoice incorrectly?

Protest in writing for a solution.

Do you have any other questions?

Contact us for a quick response.

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